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Prince William and Catherine Middleton announce their Engagement

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This past week was most certainly a happy one for England and the Royal family following an announcement from Clarence House, the official residence of Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and Princes William and Harry at just around 11AM on Tuesday 16th November 2010. After a long period of courting, Prince William and Catherine Middleton have become engaged. Yay for the happy couple!

The actual wedding date and location are yet to be announced but it is expected to be some time around the Spring or Summer 2011. The most likely locations are either St Pauls Cathedral, which is where Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, or Westminster Abbey where Princes Diana's funeral was held. It is believed that Prince William may not opt for St Pauls as he may favour a slightly more understated ceremony than the huge event that was his parents wedding, but from the public interest and excitement that his and Catherine's engagement has already inspired, it's likely that their big day will certainly be a massive celebration not just in England but worldwide. ABC news opened their Good Morning America show with a fanfare to accompany the announcement, and the Prince and Royal family are loved throughout the world.

Westminster Abbey then is the hot favourite for the wedding ceremony, the expectation being boosted by a visit there made by Catherine on the day after the announcement. Nothing is certain yet though, as a royal representative simply said that her visit was to consider options.

Later on the day of the announcement, the Prince and Catherine were interviewed by Tom Bradby of ITV News. Both appeared very relaxed and openly talked of their relationshp through the years and how the big question was put to Catherine during a trip they made to Kenya, although whether William went down on one knee and the exact way he worded the proposal wasn't given away. Interestingly, William referred to his bride-to-be as Kate, yet it has been reported in the past that she would prefer to be known as Catherine. Cetainly when she becomes queen she'll be Queen Catherine, and she signed the guest-book from where they stayed in Kenya as Catherine Middleton. Her parents know her as Catherine and seem to be pretty insistent that this is how others know her too, so maybe Kate is Wiliam's own personal pet name for her (as well as the press's shortening). Out of respect and looking toward the future, I've called this site William and Catherine Wedding .com rather than the shortening. It just seems more proper!