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Westminster Abbey is named as the Location for William and Catherine's Wedding Ceremony

Almost exactly one week after last Tuesday's big announcement of the actual engagement, it was confirmed at lunchtime today (UK time) that Westminster Abbey will definitely be the location for Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding ceremony. The actual date of the wedding was also announced - it will be held on Friday 29th April 2010. The UK Government have also confirmed that the big day will be a bank holiday for England, to allow the whole country to enjoy the celebrations.

Rather than a summer wedding which many, including myself, were expecting because of the better weather, it'll therefore be a Spring wedding. I just hope those April showers, which England is much famed for, will be kind and stay away on the day. William and Catherine were reportedly eager to have the wedding relatively early in the year rather than delay until the summer. Doing his search and rescue job, it's likely that William would rather not have to juggle his time for too long between his work and the wedding arrangements which he apparently really wants to be involved in.

A department of the Royal household known as the Lord Chamberlain's office will organise the invitations and transport so that William and Catherine can concentrate on the guests and the fine details of the wedding.

Being mindful of the fact that England is in a period of austerity, the bulk of the wedding will be paid for by the Royal family and the Middleton family including the cost of the service, flowers and the reception. The Government will be responsible for meeting the cost of security for the occasion. Some may complain about the taxpayer having to pay for security but it should be remembered that the Royal family in general and the wedding in particular will bring in considerable revenue to the country through things like tourism and souvenirs which everyone including myself will want to remember the day by. It is hoped that this will be a great celebration for the nation.