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Day after the Royal Wedding: William and Catherine Delay Honeymoon

On 30 April 2011, the day after Prince William and Catherine's wedding, hundreds of people queued up to get in to Westminster Abbey to see up close just how the Abbey looked in all its resplendence with the decor and trees that would remain there for a few days after the wedding. Catherine's wedding bouquet rested there on the grave of the Unknown Warrior. It has been a tradition for Royal brides to lay their bouquet on this tomb since the Queen Mother, Elizabeth I,'s wedding in 1923 to George (who would later become King George VI). Elizabeth's brother, had been killed in 1915 at the battle of Loos, and she had left her flowers there on the Unknown Warrior's tomb as remembrance to him.

Prince Charles was seen with his driver in his waste-wine-powered Aston Martin early that morning, taking a spin through the almost empty early morning London streets. Maybe he was making sure it still worked properly after the decorations it had worn for the wedding?

At Buckingham Palace, William and Catherine, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were seen outside looking relaxed thanking Palace staff after their night there. Just before lunchtime, William and Catherine left the Palace by helicopter for a long weekend at an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom. They would not be taking their honeymoon immediately. Prince William would return to his work as a Sea King helicopter rescue pilot on Tuesday 3rd May after the May Day bank holiday Monday, and they would delay their honeymoon until later in the year. Buckingham Palace made a plea for privacy.

The Middleton family left the Going hotel around 2pm on Saturday. Reporters particularly called out to Catherine's sister, Philippa's after the attention she had gained with the elegant way that she had supported Catherine in her stunning Maid of Honour dress the day before. All the Middleton family looked fresh and happy, especially considering the day, and then night of celebrations before. Michael said it was a great occasion and that they were very happy how everything went.

Later that day, Prince Charles visited Stratford's revamped Royal Shakespeare theatre. Whilst where he viewed a performance of Shakespeare's MacBeth and chatted to some of the crowd of around 350, including giving two dogs a Royal pat.