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Prince Charles Discusses Sustainable Farming with President Obama during Washington Tour

The White House
The White House in Washington DC where Prince Charles met President Barack Obama
Photo by ~MVI~.

Following his thought-provoking speech about environmentally sustainable farming at Georgetown University on 4th May 2011, Prince Charles topped off his visit to Washington later that day with an informal chat with President Barack Obama in the White House's Oval offfice.  During a relaxed discussion, Charles praised the work that First Lady, Michelle Obama had done in her campaign against obesity and in favour of healthy eating where she has encouraged large corporations like Wal-Mart to reduce sugars and fats in food.

Prince Charles Speaks of Environmentally Sustainable and Organic Farming in Washington Tour

Dozens of American students came out in the cold rain at Georgetown University to welcome Prince Charles on the second day of his Washington Tour on 4th May 2011. At the University, Prince Charles gave a 40 minute speech about one of his particular passions, environmentally friendly sustainable farming, at The Future of Food Conference.

Prince Charles Visits Urban Farm and Wounded Soldiers in Washington USA Tour

It's a busy life being a Prince! Just a few days after taking his part as Father of the Groom at William and Catherine's wedding, Prince Charles flew off to the Washington in the USA on a tour where he concentrated on his passions of organic farming and environmental sustainability.

The two day USA tour starting 3rd May 2011 was the first offical engagement by Prince Charles since William and Catherine's Royal wedding, which enthralled not only the UK but millions of Americans too.

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