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Prince Harry and Walking with the Wounded's Arctic Expedition to the North Pole

The flight from Spitzbergen was due to carry Prince Harry and the Walking with the Wounded team to a temporary runway at Barneo Ice Field in the Arctic on Friday 1st April 2011.  From, there the team's intrepid 200 mile walk to the North Pole would begin .  Gale force winds at the landing strip meant that the runway wasn't ready in time though, so the flight to Barneo was delayed until Monday 4th April.  Even a Prince has to wait for the Arctic weather to calm down!

Prince William and Catherine's Wedding Route Map and Times

Royal  Wedding Route Map
Royal Wedding Route Map
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Based on a map from OpenStreetMap

Important for anyone wanting to follow the special event on TV, and particulary vital for anyone intending to be in London to cheer on the happy couple on the big day, we can now give you a special map of the processional route and times for Catherine's journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, Prince William's journey from St James' Palace and their return together back to Buckingham Palace as husband and wife.

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